Fedja Vilić

“My passion for the mountain started when I was child and I was 12 years old. I started going to the mountain to watch other climbers and soon after I started climbing in a gym wall and I feel in love with that sport. Just after training a lot in the gym walls, I started climbing the natural rock in the mountains.. that feeling of freedom made me happy. I trained more and soon I started climbing higher and more difficult mountains.
When I’m in the mountain and while I’m climbing, I feel free, powerful and untouchable.
The best sensation I’ve ever felt was when I climbed for the first time a real mountain. I was a child in a climbing rude of 800m and I was guided by my instructor. At the start, I was scared, I felt the chills going through my body. I’ve never felt in that way again. The mountain has never given to me that sensation again. That day changed my life and turned me into an mountaineer directing my life in a new world, the vertical world. Today, climbing is my life”.