Being a Mother has always been considered one of the toughest jobs in the world, but it is also one of the most special and precious adventures.

Every mom would describe her experience in a different way, but for all of them it is the most intense journey in which as many says “having kids it is like to have the heart beating outside of the chest

This year we would like to celebrate the Mother’s Day sharing the words of four wild and adventurous moms: Sarah, Courney, Keryn and Majka.

Ready? Let’s watch what they say about their selves, their adventure of being a mother and more, what they would like to tell to their mom.

And you? What would you say to your mother? 


Sarah loves to describe herself as a strong-wild mom.
For her, being a mom means also to prioritize her own wellness; so for being the best version of herself she also needs to prioritize her own adventures without her child which it usually means to have a lot of outdoor excursions.

In the same time she doesn’t cover the difficulties and told us that yes, adventuring with kids can be really difficult sometimes and it’s not as easy as some people make it look. She never gives up, in fact, always prefers bad days on the trails than good ones inside; she would never stop adventuring with her kid just because he has a couple of crying days on the summit.

To her mom: “Thank you, you’re the one who really instilled my love for the outdoors and respect for it and I have grown to just absolutely relaying on the outdoors for my mental health and my maternal wellness. So, thanks, mom


Courtney’s adjective would be “curious” as she has always gotten this curiosity of discovering since she was a little girl.

Motherhood for her is the greatest joy, her biggest challenge and seeing them growing and learning every day is her biggest honour. Oh yes, being a mom, it is the greatest teacher of patience, but by far, it is also the most special this and she is so grateful for that.

Also for Courney being outdoor has changed since becoming parents, but, she confesses that kids bring a new excitements and appreciation of adventures as for them everything is so new that they, as parents, experience this newness again on their adventures.

To her mom: “Thank you for letting me be a free spirit and for giving me the time and space to just explore and be curious and for loving me though even my wild times; that exploration has just helped me to become who I am today and your unconditional love through all of that helps me to be a better mom and always love my family unconditionally. So, thank you for being the most amazing example of a mom and for loving me and my sisters and for being such a wonderful grandmother to my girls - I love you”.


Karyn, is the adventurist mom from Seattle; she defines being a mother as a life-changing journey and starting a family pushed her to find her inner strength to state new goals and to do all the work to achieve them. She really hopes that her children will see the example that she’s setting for them and that they can find the strength within themselves as they grow.

Being a mom for her means to state higher standards and she wants to guide them as they grow, being their teacher and to encourage them to find which their passions are and support the kids to follow them and make all the work and efforts to achieve the results they want.

Adventuring with her kids it’s the time for slow-down and to teach them the world around; doing their small adventures allows them to talk about planning and preparation for the bigger ones that they will make one day.

To her mother: “Thank you. Thank you for teaching me many things about Mother Nature and the thing she offers us; I’m really happy and excited to share my love of Nature and the outdoors with my kids and to teach them all the things they are capable of. I’m happy to watch them grow and see what they become.”


Majka, a professional climber for over twenty years, is sure that the adjective most people would use to describe her is intense.

She’s always ready for adventuring with her four and a half years old twins and most of the times you will find them hiking, biking, climbing, sea kayaking and skiing with her - but yes, she’s doesn’t hide herself when it’s time to admit that sometimes it’s a little intense. 

To her mother: “I really appreciate her raising me to be a strong leader and a strong woman and to try really hard”

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