You fell in love with us at the first sight; you love our high quality standards, you love our informal way of communicate, you love our Italian style and accent; we know you are already in, but here our favorite reasons to love us out of millions: 


Asolo is a family business runned by the Zanatta family who today counts four generations of shoemakers and has the commitment to find the best tunning between tradition, quality and innovation. For this, we are propelled forward by strong family dynamics and an understanding of shared responsibility, accountability and prosperity.

The tradition as shoemakers of the Zanatta Family began in the 1946 when Oreste Zanatta and his wife opened a small shop of repairing and resoling boots in Nervesa della Battaglia (Italy). Through the 1960's the second generation (Ambrosiano and his brother) evolved the small business to an industrial company. In 1998 Ambrosiano with his sons took control of the family business and bought the Asolo brand, which embraced their values as shoemakers, innovators and outdoor passionates. 


The snappy and iconic Asolo designs is what everyone recognizes us for!
Every new product is studied, designed and engineered in the Italian Headquarter where the magic of new collections and innovations really start.

More, every new product also engineered to minimize the conceptions of materials and to optimize the production. Everything starts from the design - our specialized Team of shoes design draw and project with a view of reducing consumptions already from the start. The main goal is to create a product that consumes less material, facilitates the production process and therefore pollutes less while lasting longer and can get repaired or resoled. For this, Asolo is determinate to keep and improve the know-how of his headquarter facility keeping everything in one place and stimulating the Teamwork and collaboration between all the company departments in order to engineer new products that consume less.


Asolo has always been dedicated to find the perfect tuning between tradition and innovation for guaranteeing to end-consumers the greatest fit, comfort, lightness, design and performance. If tradition as shoemakers is Asolo’s roots, origin and what identifies the brand, the innovation is what makes it never stop the research and the studies for improving the performance of the final product. 

Asolo has always been a pioneer for innovation: its founder firstly introduced the first Mountain Boot made of a combination of leather and textile (Cordura) and the first Mountain Boot lined with Gore-Tex - innovations that changed not only the market, but also the way of making outdoor footwear.


The high standard of quality is for Asolo an imperative. 

Quality is a rooted concept in our organization, speak about quality in terms of high standard of quality met by the products which is guaranteed by the strong craftsmanship involved in each phase of the production: every product is handmade, crafted with techniques of the highest skilled handcraftsmanship. After various production steps and control phases, the product is destinated to become an exclusive and distinguishable object.

More, quality in terms of service. Our service aims to deliver the fastest and most efficient support to our customers and end-consumers providing answers and support to their requests. To do this, all the Asolo Team is constantly educating on all processes, news and technical aspects of the brand.Most important, high quality in terms of partnerships. At Asolo we consider all the Team members and suppliers as part of our family and we are always looking for long lasting and high-quality partnerships.


All Asolo products are thought, designed and engineered to get resoled. We make this service in our Italian headquarter: we change the outsole, midsole, toe rubber cap or rubber rand if the model has it, laces and footbeds.

As we are the first outdoor brand to have digitalized the service, whoever can access to the service by making the request directly from our website and will be updated on each stage of the procedure.

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