Spring has definitely sprung and we picked our favorite 5 flowers to link to our best sellers’ models!

Are you ready? 

Let’s bloom them together!


Iris is a perennial plant, growing from rhizomes or from bulbs, in drier climate; typically found in temperate Northern hemisphere zones, it is extensively grown as ornamental plant in home and botanical gardens. Today Iris essential oil from flowers are sometimes used in aromatherapy as sedative medicines. 


Its name come from the Greek goddess of the rainbow; it might refers to the wide variety of flower colours found among the 260-300 species.  


Narcissus (also called daffodils) are predominantly spring flowering perennial plants, native to meadows and woods in southern Europe and North Africa. They are popular as cut flowers and ornamental plants in private and public gardens. Long celebrated in art and literature, narcissi are the symbols of the sun, the spring and energy.


Narcissi have been cultivated from the earliest times, but became increasingly popular in Europe after the 16th century. 


Tulips are spring-blooming perennial bulbiferous plants, member of the lily family, Liliaceae; the flowers are showy and brightly colored, generally red, pink, yellow, or white. Growing wild over much of the East and Central Asia, tulips were cultivated in Constantinople as early as 1055 but since the 16th century were widely naturalized and cultivated also in Europe, where they became a frenzied commodity during Tulip mania.


In the 17th century in Netherlands, during the time of the Tulip mania, an infection of tulip bulbs by the tulip breaking virus created variegated patterns in the tulip flowers that were much admired and valued. 


Violets are the small-flowered annuals or perennials from the Viola genus of flowering plants generally found in the temperate Northern Hemisphere. Many species, varieties and cultivars are grown in gardens as ornamental flowers and they bloom in April, as soon as the cold season ends. The essence of Viola flowers is used to flavor soufflés or creams and to decorate salads or in stuffings, and also candied violet are prepared; more, Viola is used as a source for scents in the perfume industry. 


During the Violet Day, organized in commemoration of the lost soldiers of World War I, violets and badges depicting them were sold in fund-raising efforts in Australia and New Zealand.


Hyacinthus is a small genus of bulbous, spring-blooming perennials with fragrant flowering plants native to the eastern Mediterranean from southern Turkey through to the northern part of Israel, although then widely naturalized elsewhere, from Europe to North and South America. 


This flower appears in the Metamorphosis by Ovidio: the hyákinthos was created by the god Apollo from the blood of his youth lover Hyacinthus.

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