Damir Behlic

“My passion for the mountain started at 13 years old. It was 1997 when I finished the Alpine climbing course and it was funny to explain to parents where I went during the week ends instead of playing soccer with friends.
How my passion started is an interesting argument; one day a friend of mine whose dad is a climber brought 10 meters of rope and one sling for playing, I’m sure his dad didn’t know with what we were playing, but we had a lot of fun all day long. In that moment I realized that I wanted to be involved with something that required those equipments.. it turned into climbing. Few months later when I was with my mother at the carnival parade in downtown Rijeka I saw some guys with backpacks full of equipment and I spied them instead of watching the carnival parade. The guys caught me while I was watching them in a curious way, they invited me to go near them and they asked me what I was interested in. The week end after this episode I was in the mountain.
While I’m in the mountain I feel myself, I feel a sensation of weaknesses and power in the same time. I feel an emotion of beauty. I feel fear. I feel the life.
Every mountain, every rock, every competition has a different story and all of them belong to me; for this, it’s difficult to pick up a memory and classify it as the best one”.