Peter Moser

“I believe that I was born with the passion for mountains; they have always been part of my way of living. I live in the mountain, my parents are farmers and since I was born I’ve always spent my days among parks and forests. For the mountain is not just a passion, but it’s my natural habitat, the place where I grew up, the place where I live and where I will live. The mountain belongs to me and I do belong to her.

My climbing start was really gradual. When I was I child I spent whole days between woods, after, my curiosity pushed me to explore new places and at the age of 12 I made my first real climb on Vayolet’s towers. I’ve never attended a course, my instinct has always guided me. By years I improved my climbing skills and I become an alpine guide which today is my principal job. I’ve always felt a strong call from mountains and I haven’t done anything more than follow it for my entire life.

What I feel in the mountains represents the only true reason whereby I go to mountains as much as possible. Whether I’m climbing or I’m lying watching the mountains I feel free. In the mountains rules don’t exist, owners don’t exist, everyone is himself. You feel wild and your instinct comes out. Many times the mountain taught me the value of life, taught me that every day should be lived, taught me the taste of adrenaline and the value of friendship. Mostly when I’m in the mountain alone I feel at home, I feel alive.

When you spend every day of your life in the mountain, I think it’s very difficult to choose the best memory. Getting out of walls from which was not obvious to survive or achieve goals after months of training made me and make me satisfied and happy; when I open a new route I feel happy. I passed many times the limit and the memories I have from these experiences have signed my attitude and the smile on my face. Despite all these incredible experiences I think that the best memories are the days spent in the mountain with true friends, and maybe ended with a beer together at the bar”.