Project 5 Peaks

The Snow Leopard challenge sets the goal to climb Central Asia's five highest mountains. With all of them being above 7.000m, they’ve been climbed only by experienced mountaineers. In 2016 the Project 5 Peaks Team climbed Peak Lenin (7.134m) and in the summer of 2017 they climbed Khan Tengri (7.010m). The other three remain to be climbed during the next expeditions. 

"We support Project 5 Peaks, not just because they are good brand ambassadors, or because of their success on Peak Lenin and Khan Tengri. We support Project 5 Peaks because they are normal people who love climbing. With this adventurous project they make alpinism accessible to everyone, recognizing that there are no limits or borders when you have such a deep passion." Ludovica Zanatta

Gijs Schuurhuis

As a little boy I already wanted to become a mountain climber and I found this passion again in my early twenties. You have to understand that the Netherlands is a country without mountains so it is not easy to train or to find inspiration and at the same time there are a lot of people who love going outdoors and love the mountains. With Project 5 Peaks we try to share our expedition adventures and spread our stoke!

Gijs has a love for classical mountaineering as well as mixed-climbing. He loves climbing in the Alps and technical mixed-climbs in the brutal Scottish winters. He has climbed two out of the five Snow Leopard peaks, all above 7000+ meter.   

Allert Bosch

During my childhood holidays, my father always took me and my three younger brothers to the Alps. These hikes were always very competitive between the five of us, nobody wanted to be last on top. This is where my love for the mountains originates and it have never stopped since! All the outdoor activities has their own charm and all of them make me feel alive! 

Allert has climbed two out of the five Snow Leopard peaks - Khan Tengri (7.010m) and Peak Lenin (7.134m).