Simon Duverney

“My passion for mountains started thanks to the climbing. I started climbing in a gym with my cousins when I was 8 years old; since that moment I’ve never stopped. My passion for climbing has always grown and I always want to climb a more high wall and another one higher, for this reason I go to mountain.
I started going to the mountains with the CAF (Alpine French Club) which organizes trips to mountain with an instructor.
The first time I went to the mountain alone I wanted to climb the Pilier Gervasutti in the Mount Blanc, but I was blocked because I made some strategic mistakes and so I couldn’t go up or go down.
When I’m in the mountain I feel a sensation of freedom and adventure; for climbing is a little bit different, I feel a sensation of movement, of knowing my body and of not thinking about anything except to reach the summit.
The most beautiful memory I received from the mountain was at the Mount Kenya; for this adventure I was with four of my best friends. We decided to climb and sleep at 5200m, near the Mount Kenya there is nothing, just mountain, a place that made my soul vibrate”.