The Asolo commitment is to find the perfect tuning between tradition, innovation and quality. The tradition as shoemakers is our start, our roots, our origin; the tradition is what identify us and tell the world where we come from. The innovation is what makes us never stop our research, our studies, our challange for improving your performances and emotions during the outdoor activities. The high standard of quality is for Asolo a must. Moreover, the high standard of quality met by the products is guaranteed by the strong craftsmanship involved each phase of the production: every product is handmade, crafted with tecniques of the highest skilled handcraftmanship. After verious production steps and control phases, the product is destinated to become an exclusive and distinguishable object.

Family Owned Business

We are propelled forward by strong family dynamics and an understanding of shared responsibilities, accountability, and prosperity.

Tradition & Innovation

Asolo has always been dedicated to find the perfect melting between tradition and innovation and to extend the great art of footwear for guaranteeing to the end consumers the greatest fit, comfort, lightness, design and performance.


High quality standard is for Asolo a must. As we want to deliver to our partners the highest quality products, after every production step there is a quality control inspection.


Asolo aims to satisfy every customer need and make the overall experience more enjoyable. The service actions aimed at identifying, building and maintaining a lasting relationship with the customer.
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