The Company was founded by Giancarlo Tanzi in 1975 and takes his name from a city located in the North- East of Italy (close to Venice) where the brand was first established.

Asolo has always been a pioneer for innovation, in fact, the first revolutionary idea introduced by its founder was the first Mountain Boot made of a combination of leather and textile (Cordura) and shortly after he introduced also the first Mountain Boot lined with Gore-Tex - innovations that changed not only the market, but also the way of making outdoor footwear.

In 1998 the Zanatta Family took over the Asolo brand as its precisely embraced their values as shoemakers, innovators and outdoor passionates.

The tradition as shoemakers of the Zanatta Family began in the 1946 when Oreste Zanatta and his wife opened a small shop of repairing and resoling boots in Nervesa della Battaglia (Italy).

Through the 1960's the second generation of the Zanatta Family composed by Ambrosiano Zanatta and his brother took over the family business and evolved the small family runned business to an industrial company by founding and managing the Tecnica Group.

In 1998 Ambrosiano sold the majority of his shares of Tecnica Group and the third generation of the Zanatta family represented by Anna, Marco and Luca Zanatta took control of the family business and bought the Asolo brand - a brand that reflected their values as high quality shoemakers.

Asolo is today a family business runned by the Zanatta Family who today counts four generations of shoemakers and has the commitment to find the perfect melting of tradition, quality and innovation.



Asolo objective remains to find the best melting of tradition and innovation while creating and delivering high quality products.


A year full of projects and recognitions in different area. Asolo inaugurated a new production facility based in Moldovia which respect the high standard of quality of the brand. Through the experience of the International Team in the Direct To Consumers segment, a new asolo-usa website has been engineered, launched and managed directly from the Italian Headquarter. On the distribution side, Asolo started two important distribution agreements for The Netherlands and Switzerland market. More, the new model of the approach collection (Eldo Mid LTH GV) has been awarded as Best In Guide by the American magazine Enwild, while the climbing model Eiger XT GV Evo received the Editor Choice by the American Outdoor Gear Lab. To conclude the year and continue the journey with the end-consumers, Asolo launched the first adventure lifestyle collection developing it step-by-step with the end consumers, in this way born the new Supertrek Gtx.


Gregorio Zanatta, the fourth generation of the Zanatta family joined the business. A completely new website built on three keywords: knowledge, experience and service has been launched. More, Asolo has been the first Outdoor brand who digitalized the resoling service allowing all the brand lovers to access to the service. Asolo USA took over the distribution of the Canadian market. Never the least, Asolo inaugurated a completely new production facility based in Sibiu (Romania).


The world is facing the pandemic state due to Covid-19 and Asolo is securing its entire international Team by closing its infrastructures and implementing preventive security measures. The company supports and believes in its entire Team: no job is put at risk and the family ensures continuity and commitment to all employees. Asolo does not stop and continue to believe in the future: thus begins the planning of the opening of a new production facility in Romania, the development of a new collection and a direct conversation with the final consumers.


After twenty years of working alongside Asolo and the Zanatta family, the head of Asolo USA, Bruce Franks, retires and the reins of the success built over the years go to Bill Lockwood, the new General Manager of Asolo USA.


The model Falcon GV was awarded as "Kauf Tipp" by the German Outdoor Magazine and signet as "Recommended" by the UK Magazine The Great Outdoor, for its lightness, comfort and performance.


Asolo received the recognition "Hall of Fame" by the American Backpacker Magazine and the "Kauf Tip" by the German Outdoor Magazine for its model Drifter GV symbol of innovation and performance.


Ludovica Zanatta, who represents the fourth generation of the Zanatta family joined the business. Asolo opened its own subsidiary in Germany (Munich) for serving the market in the most appropriate way.


On its 40th Anniversary from the foundation Asolo created a special label for its line of product as a way to celebrate together with its end consumers this milestone reached.


The American editors of Rock & Ice awarded the model Eiger GV the B.I.G (Best In Gear product). Credited for its superior warmth to weight ratio, comfort on long approaches and top performance on extreme rules.


After three years from the introduction of the Natural Shape line, the models Athena and Reston won the prestigious "Editor Choice Awards" by the American Backpacker Magazine.


Asolo joined the social networks and start communicating and educating the customers to its tradition, innovation and product range.


Asolo sold the Lowe Alpine brand and decided to focus only on the Outdoor boots. Asolo announced a new distribution agreement with Mont-Bell who became the official distributor in Japan.


Asolo launched its first website (asolo.com) opened for the European and North America market; since the start the website has been managed internally by Asolo.


The model FSN 95 GTX was awarded "The best shoe of the year in backpacking category" in America. New technologies as Duo Asoflex, Asosorb and the Micro Pully System were developed. Introduction of the new Fusion Line with the concept of lightness and unique designs.


Asolo bought the UK brand Lowe Alpine specialized in the design, development and production of outdoor clothing, backpacks and accessorises.


A new Asolo logistic center was opened in Nervesa della Battaglia which allows the direct shipments in over 40 countries. Asolo signed the distribution agreement with Thorlos and become their official distributor for the Italian market.


The new Asolo headquarter was opened in Nervesa della Battaglia (Italy), a building that allows the various departments to operate internationally and maintain the relationships with all the brand partners.


Asolo opened its own subsidiary in North America (Asolo North America, Inc) for serving the market in the most appropriate way.


The Zanatta Family acquired the Asolo brand and as a first investment opened its own production factory in Sibiu (Romania) in order to supervise all the production steps and guaranteeing the highest quality.


The Asoframe and Asoflex technologies were introduced, plus Asolo created the Globaline, inspired using biomechanics, to produce the most natural partnership between fit and shoe.


The AFS System was born, the first shoe created for professional alpinists using a single moulded structure in thermo-plastic materials, making it consistent, resilient, lightweight and adaptable.


The first mountain boot lined with Gore-Tex was introduced in the market guaranteeing waterproofness and breathability. Thanks to this invention, Asolo won the Golden Compass Award from the Industrial Design Association.


Asolo was founded by Giancarlo Tanzi who in the same year introduced the first mountain boot made of a combination of leather and textile (Cordura) named "Scout".

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