Asolo changes his distribution in UK and Germany


Asolo are setting up their own sales and supply operations in Germany and the UK. Asolo have decided that they wish to engage in a closer relationship with their customers in the two biggest markets in Europe. 

In Germany, Asolo are in the process of establishing an Asolo GmbH company based in Munich and have hired a highly experienced German Market Manager. They have also begun recruiting top outdoor agents to manage their sales operations in the various regions of Germany.

In the UK, Asolo have appointed ProAgencies as their sales agents for the UK and they will commence with the selling for the FW2016 season. Asolo also recognize the need to have a dedicated UK supply base in order to offer the fastest and most efficient supply service and have contracted the highly experienced WT Distribution Limited based in Kendal to manage their logistics and customer service operations.

Commenting on the changes in each market, Asolo CEO Luca Zanatta said: “Our marketplace in Europe is changing rapidly and Asolo have decided that we want to work more directly in our key markets. We want to become ever more responsive to the needs of our customers. Our moves in both Germany and UK reflect this strategic direction and our plans to further grow Asolo for the future”.

Matt Moore From Pro Agencies said: “Of course we know Asolo very well and have a huge respect for the brand, the family behind it, and the quality and innovation in their products. We both know the brand well having worked with Asolo before and were delighted when Asolo asked us to represent the brand in the UK. This will give us a great footwear package and complements perfectly the other high quality brands we represent. We look forward to developing the business in the UK in close co-operation with Asolo”