Boštjan Mikuž

“Since I was child I have always been connected with mountains, but just after many trekking and hiking started inside me a real passion for mountains at the age of 22. I started on my own, it was really a passion, when I looked at mountains, I felt inside the sensation that that place, that mountain belonged to me and I belonged to them. After few solo action during winter conditions I signed up in at the Alpine Club of Ajdovŝĉina. I passed the beginner alpine exam in 2010, in 2012 I passed the national exam for Alpinist title and in 2015 I became an Alpine instructor.
While I’m climbing a mountain I feel completed devoted, free, maybe, I feel the same sensations of a bird while he’s flying. Climbing became my life. Climbing, for me, it isn’t just a word or a verb, but it’s something that make difference in life. It’s something which is opposite at the quotidian routine, at that quotidian security made of schemes, habits that steal, rip humans from the real experience, from the real contact with the nature.
It’s difficult to tell what the best memory is, there are hundred, and this is the reason why I always come back to mountains, maybe it’s something like coming back home and every time create new memories.
My memories vary from pure pleasured, from climbing the hot rocks in a sunny day, to memories in tough condition during the winter period. For sure, the most intense and the deepest experience was in the solitude are of Cerro San Lorenzo while we’re waiting for the right moment in base camp Puesto San Lorenzo under the east face; it was a great and unforgettable experience, led to a great 40 hours single push climbing in the virgin east face and opened a new route (No fiesta, 1600m, ED+)..memories which will remain forever in the heart and spread your focus for the next experiences”.