Mitsugu Yoshida

“My mountaineering passion started when I started three season trekking and rock climbing in 2000, at that time I was 20 years old. In 2005 I participated for the first time to an ice climbing competition at Shimosaka in Japan. It was an impressive experience although the result of the competition was not very good. Since then, I have been into ice and mix climbing, and the climbing became part of my life.
I started simply joining a local mountaineering club and I changed my climbing style from three seasons to four seasons.
When I’m in mountain I always feel free from everyday life. I feel also very nervous and anxious before climbing a higher grade routes; as after I start climbing I’m concentrated 100% on my fingers and to make better motions to overcome the route. It’s something that we could never feel in daily life in the city and I love that moment.
The most impressive memory that I have at the field is when I first climbed the huge ice wall named “Water Road” in Hokkaio in 2010”.