Nathan Kutcher

“I have always loved climbing. When I was a child I would try to climb all of the trees in my yard. When I was 16 I went on a family trip to Devils Tower, WY. After seeing the Tower I knew I had to start rock climbing! I was 17 when I started rock climbing and I started ice climbing when I was 29.

After seeing Devils Tower I returned home and bought a book about climbing. I read and memorized it and just started going out climbing with who ever I could drag out. There weren't many climbers in the area I lived. When I was 19 I started travelling to climb. My first real climbing trip was back to Devils Tower to climb it. Since then I have travelled all around the world to climb, actually circling the globe three times in doing so.

What I feel and love is the freedom and the sense of accomplishment I get from climbing.

I have been climbing for over 20 years and have many good memories about climbing. Most are about establishing new routes and the work/process of seeing a line that nobody else has seen and climbing it. Or with a route like Metamorphosis M10R it was climbing a route that everyone has looked at but was too scary, committing and difficult. Perhaps the best memory of all and may never be topped was winning the competition at Ouray in 2012. I was just happy to be there and winning was completely unexpected. It also was the starting point that pushed me into travelling around the world.”