World Environment Day

Our house friends, Breffni Bolze, Philippe Goitschel, Anne-Claire Jude and Georges Thévenet made a Cleaning Expedition up to Mount Mustagh Ata (Himalaya) last year.

Their operation consisted on cleaning the normal ascent route, between the base camp at 4,500 m above sea level and the summit at 7,546 m.

The Mustagh Ata is a famous summit, often climbed in preparation for the ascent of Mount Everest, which consequently suffers from high attendance.

A total of 800 kg of waste was extracted from the mountain by the quartet and their guides Bernard Muller, Clément Flouret and Alexeï Bobkov (Russia) during this mission.

Their presence and determination were widely noted and generated a spontaneous outpouring of solidarity from mountaineers of all nationalities and local guides who welcomed the initiative and lent a hand to the cleaning sites.

Waste of all kinds has accumulated for decades, abandoned by previous expeditions: plastics, cans, food packaging, gas bottles, batteries.

We recommend celebrating World Environmental Day every day of the year!

Keep our World an amazing place for the Wildest adventures.